Atomic Dreams
June 13, 2009, 5:53 am
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Daniel Borlandelli
Carter Hodgkin
Terry Rose

May 14th – June 20th
529 W. 20th St., New York, NY




Daniel Borlandelli creates beautiful, colorful organic, abstractions informed by plant life. Carter Hodgkin uses computer generated collision simulations to create beautifully crafted geometric pieces. Carter Hodgin creates organic abstractions that luminate like the inside of an oyster shell and bring to mind satellite veiws of earth and sky. Each peice aproaches the depiction of the natural world in interesting, emotive ways. More info here.


True Color
June 13, 2009, 5:17 am
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Mark Cohen
May 21st – August 28
Hasted Hunt
529 W. 20th St., 3rd Fl New York, NY


Sometimes I’m a little critical of the value of Photography as fine art, until I see a show like this. Actually, every time I walk in to Hasted Hunt I feel this way.

Mark Cohen shows how content, composition, and color can be perfected to create an evocative, poignent series, depicting everyday moments of everyday life. Cohen depicts the good along with the bad; the ugly and the mundane made are beautiful through a lense of nostalgia.

Memory Boxes
June 13, 2009, 4:57 am
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Jerry Meyer
May 14th – June 20, 2009
Denise Bibro Fine Art
529 W. 20th Street 4W New York, NY


Using images and artifacts that seem as if they could have come from my grandparent’s attic, Jerry Meyer created muli-layered and multi-textured light box collages that combined perfect amounts of nostolgia, humor, craft, and aestetic. These pieces create disjointed narratives, allowing us glimpses of the lives and minds of unknown characters, but leaving ample ambiguity for viewers to derive their own meaning from the works.